Menstrual underwear : Everything You Need to know

Whether you're frustrated with spoiling your sheets, struggling with irregular spotting, or just want more protection, the finest period underwear might be the answer. It's known as "free-bleeding," and more women are doing it. Instead of managing period fluid with a menstrual cup, pad, or tampon, they're opting for period panties meant to be worn as a one-and-done solution to all your period problems. For over 15 years, "Wee," an expert in intimacy, sought to deliver a new solution to women with sanitary protection that combined safety, efficiency, and comfort: the Wee100+ Period Pants.

Why Are They Great?

The traditional black-style Wee100+ Period Pants are a bloat-friendly statement, deserving of being both a sexy expression and comfort essential. The first step is to put them on. Second, take a deep breath and forget about them. That’s how comfortable and easy they are to use and manage.

This is one of the most stylish and comfortable pairs of period pants we've created. The pair has a very absorbent and stylish middle panel supported by airy mesh panels on the sides, putting the "fun" in functionality. They do not include any chemical absorbents. Wee100+ Menstrual Pants are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are free of "harmful compounds." The Wee100+ sanitary panties absorb the equivalent of three tampons thanks to multi-layer textile technology with four absorbent layers. Wee100+ Period Pants keep unwanted smells at bay while also preventing the feeling of moisture or damp skin.

They're an excellent choice for nighttime protection or whenever you need extra protection. Furthermore, the sleek black shade and sexy mesh design on the sides ensure you'll be covering yourself in style.

There are several advantages to wearing period underwear, ranging from keeping your clothing clean to being more environmentally friendly and saving money. The fact that our product is suitable for ladies is its main selling point. We at "Wee" are aware of the difficulties that women face throughout their periods. Furthermore, using pads or menstruation cups makes it more difficult for women to actively engage in everyday life duties. Menstrual stigmas and norms might perpetuate discriminatory actions. Gender disparities are also perpetuated through menstruation-related hurdles to school, job, health care, and public activities. Giving women the ability to manage how they feel during their periods is one way for them to break out from this continuing dependency circle.

That is why "Wee" empowers active women, allowing them to exercise whenever they wish, including during their period. Our main priority is a woman's comfort, which is why there is no "correct" period product to pick from. Your choice should be guided by your personal comfort and well-being.