Human and Environmentally Friendly solution for Women menstruation ? The menstrual underwear !

The period underwear


It is natural for women to have a period. A period is part of your body's preparation for pregnancy. Whenever you do not become pregnant, your body excretes the tissues it no longer needs to maintain a fertilized egg.

Anyone who has ever had a period knows what inconvenience menstruation can be. Like most women are you tired of using tampons? Are you surprised at the price of pads? Has your favorite pair of pants been ruined by an irregular cycle? Menstrual cycles can be frustrating for a lot of reasons. However, what if we told you one solution could solve all this?

Yes, if you're tired of ruining your bedding, have unpredictable spotting, or simply want added protection, the best Wee®️ period underwear could be the best solution you are looking for.

What exactly is period underwear?

The term period underwear refers to undergarments that you wear during your period to replace disposable protection products like tampons and pads; however, some women prefer to use period underwear only on lighter flow days and to use backups on heavier flow days. Menstrual pants are constructed with extra layers and special fabrics in the crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. They are designed to look and feel like regular underwear (i.e., not bulky). They're a reusable option that can be washed, worn again, then washed again.

The trend is called "free-bleeding," and more women are doing it: Instead of managing menstrual fluid with a cup, pad, or tampon, they're wearing period underwear that's designed to be worn as a one-and-done solution for managing menstrual fluid.

How do period panties work?

Period underwear functions almost the same as regular underwear, with the added benefit of increased absorption. 

A period underwear pad consists of an absorbent material that can hold two or three tampons' worth of liquid, a moisture barrier to maintain your comfort, and an anti-leak and the stains barrier layer.

Why make the switch to period underwear?

Period underwear is certainly one of the newest sustainable period products on the market. The underwear is usually made from a polyester fabric that is super absorbent and can be easily washed and reused. Beyond the comfort factor and leak-proofing, menstrual panties are also gaining popularity as both an ecologically sustainable and economically smart choice. As with period underwear, there is no disposable aspect and very minimal plastic packaging. Therefore, there is a lot less impact on the environment. In the economical aspect, period underwear can be used again and again so there is no need to spend money for each cycle. Once you have got it you can use it many times.

The ever-best choice - Wee®️ underwear

With 15 years of experience in intimacy, Wee®️ is bringing women a new method of hygienic protection with safety, efficiency, and comfort. The Wee100+ Period underwear are certified and chemical-free.

The menstrual underwear by Wee®️ provide washable and reusable sanitary protection. The absorption capacity of these high quality hygienic underwear is guaranteed until for washings. Wee®️ 100+ underwear are multi-usages as you can use them at each moment of your menstrual cycle - in anticipation or at the end of menstruation, only or in complement of your usual protection, during your sporting session or the night.

Wee100+ hygienic panties remain fresh and dry, preventing the feeling of wetness due to their 4 absorbent layers and multilayer textile technology. These pants absorb as much fluid as 3 tampons retaining unpleasant odors and preventing the feeling of wetness.

The bottom line

So, if you’re looking for a solution less irritating than tampons, more comfortable than sanitary pads, and less messy than using a menstrual cup then you should try Wee®️ underwear. It’s time to say goodbye to late-night trips to the corner store to buy tampons. With our period panties, you’re always ready.